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    ACAPS is an independent information provider, free from the bias or vested interests of a specific enterprise, sector, or region. As independent specialists in humanitarian needs analysis and assessment, we are not affiliated to the UN or any other organisation. This helps guarantee that the ACAPS analysis is objective and evidence-based.

    Our team consists of 28 professionals based in Geneva and in the field, reinforced by a pool of consultants. While the ACAPS team is mainly dedicated to researching and analyzing global crisis data, we also gather information on deployments, and build partnerships and collaborations with other organisations. A team devoted to communications, fundraising, finance, and training also supports ACAPS work.

    ACAPS was established in 2009 as a non-profit, non-governmental project with the aim of providing independent, ground-breaking humanitarian analysis to help humanitarian workers, influencers, fundraisers, and donors make better decisions.

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