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PRECIOUS Project Office, ARTTIC or +49 89 248 83 03 – 41 (Sophie Rau, ARTTIC)

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PRECIOUS 4# General Assembly Meeting

By Sophie Rau
PRECIOUS 4# General Assembly Meeting
Thursday, May 17 2018
12:15 to 14:15


The detailed meeting agenda will be sent out by email next week and will be available on the internal project website.



PowerPoint-templates for work package presentations will soon be uploaded on the internal project website. All work package leaders are asked to prepare a presentation (update of the work package). The scheduled time for each presentation is indicated in the agenda.



Catering on site (working lunch) and dinner at a restaurant are free of charge. Expenses for transport and accommodation should be covered by the attendees.


Registration deadline

Registration to the meeting is mandatory and will close on 7th May 2018 midnight.


Practical details

Information about accommodation and public transportation in Gothenburg is included in the meeting agenda.


Please visit the PRECIOUS booth at ESOC 2018, booth no 29, to meet the PRECIOUS team!

ESOC 2018 - Gothenburg, Sweden


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no fee
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