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CENTRELINE Policy Maker Workshop

By Sophie Rau
Friday, February 1 2019
13:00 to 15:30




Promoting a dialogue between politics and research towards Flightpath 2050


More Efficiency. Less Emissions.


Propulsive Fuselage Concept by CENTRELINE

The CENTRELINE Project demonstrates the proof of concept for a ground-breaking approach to synergistic propulsion-airframe integration – the propulsive fuselage concept (PFC). CENTRELINE matures the technological key features of the concept to TRL 3–4. The project targets CO2 reductions of 11% against an advanced conventional reference aircraft for the year 2035.




To bridge policy and research


The Policy Maker Workshop will provide a forum for policy professionals, researchers and industry representatives to debate on challenges and opportunities in aviation technology research. The workshop shall identify gaps in research and policies and discuss options to secure and enhance Europe’s leading role in advanced aviation technologies.


13:00 Registration & Coffee
13:30 Welcome Address
13:40 Keynote speech by Sebastiano Fumero, Head of Unit H3 Aviation, European Commission: Europe’s vision for aviation: current demands and challenges
13:55 CENTRELINE project presentation: Overview, first results, impact Arne Seitz, Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V., Munich
14:10 Keynote speech by Daniel Reckzeh, Head of Research & Technology Plateau Bremen, AIRBUS: Technologies for the future
14:25 Panel discussion: How are we going to fly in 2035? – Propulsive Fuselage technology implications towards Flightpath 2050
15:20 Wrap up & Conclusion
15:30 Networking Reception


Chair: Arne Seitz

Panelists: Sebastiano Fumero (EC, DG Research & Innovation), Arvind Gangoli Rao (TU Delft), Mirko Hornung (Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.), Daniel Reckzeh (AIRBUS), Jörg Sieber (MTU), Ron van Manen (Clean Sky)



Target group


The key target group of the workshop are EU policy makers, advisory agencies as well as representatives from the aviation industry, aviation research community and journalists.






Attendance is free of charge. Seats are limited, and we kindly ask you to register online. Deadline for registration 31 January 2019.

EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi), Rue du Trône 98/8, B-1050 Brussels