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SAYSO - SmartResilience joint final conference - Budapest

  • 14 attendees
By Romuald Beauvais
Monday, April 15 2019 10:00
to Wednesday, April 17 2019 14:00

The SAYSO project will hold its final public workshop jointly with the EU project SmartResilience ( as a final conference over three days (Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th April 2019).

The registration page for your participation to the event as well as more details can be found here:

Registration & Information page


Please indicate your accommodation needs by also registering below.

SAYSO will pay for your hotel room for the duration of the event. If you have not been directed to this registration page from a formal invitation email from SAYSO, please contact

The hotel will be confirmed at a later stage but will be quite central in Budapest. Accommodation will include breakfast.

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest.

Best regards,

Romuald Beauvais & Na'ama Agmon-Licht

SAYSO dissemination & communication office



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  • Anonymous


    I will need accommodation the night of the 15th and 16th of April. It also depends a little on what time the conference will start on the 15th (if it starts really early, then maybe I will also need accommodation the night of the 14th, but for now lets just say the 15th and 16th).





    - Stanley Greenstein

  • Anonymous

    I will need accommodation (double-bed room) for period Apr. 14-17, 2019.

    - Friedrich Steinhäusler

  • Anonymous

    I need accomodation (double bed room) for period 14 to 17 April. Diego Buriot

    - diego buriot

  • Anonymous

    I Need accommodation for the period of the 14 th to 17th April 2019.




    - Jennifer

    • Ruud Scheerder
      Ruud Scheerder


      I need accomodation  for the period 14th till 17th of April.



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