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EU-ToxRisk Read-Across Workshop

By Elisabeth Graf
Tuesday, May 21 2019 09:00
to Wednesday, May 22 2019 15:00


EU-ToxRisk workshop on NAM-supported read-across:
rom case studies to regulatory guidance in safety assessment
(Tue 21 - Wed 22 May 2019, Espoo, Finland)


Welcome on the registration website of the EU-ToxRisk workshop on NAM-supported read-across:
From case studies to regulatory guidance in safety assessment


The workshop takes place from Tue 21 to Wed 22 May 2019; 
it is hosted by the Hotel Korpilampi, in Espoo, Finland.

Attendees from outside Finland are kindly asked to arrive in the evening of Mon 20 May to guarantee
a punctual event start on Tue 21 May.




About EU-ToxRisk

The EU-ToxRisk project aims to develop and implement new approach methodologies (NAMs) as an alternative approach for the safety testing of chemicals. EU-ToxRisk assembled wide panel of the state-of-the-art in silico and in vitro test methods, which allow for the testing of systemic repeated dose target organ toxicity (RDT), covering liver, kidney, lung and neuronal system as target organs, as well as experimental systems that cover developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART). The project's objective is to assess the application of NAMs as a tool to improve read-across, as well as in the context of ab initio chemical safety assessment.


Workshop Focus & Main Objective

The workshop focuses on several scientifically advanced project case studies developed within the EU-ToxRisk project, the OECD/IATA program, and NIHS Japan. Case studies are discussed with regard to their applicability to different regulatory requirements e.g. in Europe (e.g. REACH, EU Pesticides) and global (Canada Chemicals Management Plan and Japanese Chemical Substances of Control Law). Stakeholders from academia, industry, and authorities will work together to improve their understanding of each other needs and come to a mutual agreement on the principles of NAM informed risk assessment.

The overall aim is to include the outcome of the event discussions in an improved regulatory guidance document for NAM-supported RAX. Furthermore, the EU-ToxRisk team plans to disseminate a refined read-across template for the toxicological community. This will improve the quality of the submission of read-across cases by registrants, and by this it will increase the success rate of non-animal safety approaches.


Target Group

The workshop is open to experts working in (chemical) safety assessment, from industry, academy or regulatory agencies. The focus is on new approach methods and read-across strategies.


Event Format & Programme

After a short introduction, attendees will split up in several breakout groups where the individual case studies will be discussed in-depth under the moderation of session chairs. The case studies are seen as examples and the workshop aims to identify and extract general approaches and learnings that will help in future NAM driven read-across approaches.

Please take a look at the preliminary agenda in the "FILES" section below to get a clearer picture of how the described format will be put into practice and around which case studies.


Registration & Linked Costs

The event is open to a limited number of participants to allow for efficient and fruitful discussions. Registration is thus mandatory.

Workshop attendees will have to cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation at the Korpilampi hotel - 92.00 EUR/room/night
    Includes breakfast, free parking, Wifi, and use of the hotel's leisure facilities)
  • Daily meeting package - 57.00 EUR/person (Tue 21 May) + 45 EUR/person (Wed 22 May)
    Including contribution to the plenary room rental, mid-morning (and afternoon) coffee breaks, buffet lunch
  • Dinner upon arrival, on Mon 20 May 2019 (if applicable)

Apart from these costs, no extra registration fee will be charged.

At the end of Meeting DAY 1 - Tue 21 May 2019 - workshop attendees will be invited to a joint working dinner, fully covered by the event organisers.



EU-Toxrisk benefits from public funds, and the budget for organising this workshop is limited. Reimbursement of travel costs and accommodation can therefore not be guaranteed, and the organisers thank you for your understanding.


Register to the Event

To register to the workshop, please click on the “Register to this event” button in the "REGISTRATION" section below. Please fill out the questionnaire that subsequently opens.

Deadline: Registration closed


Book your Hotel Room and Daily Meeting Package

Accommodation and daily meeting packages have to be booked individually by each participant.

To reserve your hotel room and indicate the required number of daily meeting packages, please contact the Korpilampi Hotel by phone or e-mail (booking reference - EU-ToxRisk):

Deadline: Sat 20 April 2019 - After this date, rooms can be reserved at the daily rates, according to availability.


How to Get There & Back

The Korpilampi Hotel is located 18 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, and 22 km from the Helsinki Railway Station. It is reachable by public transports (bus and train) or taxi.

NEW: Please check out the Logistics Pack in the "FILES" section below for full information regarding transportation (page 3).

N E W - Organised shuttle to Vantaa Airport on Wed. 22 May:
A charter bus to Vantaa airport will departfrom the hotel at 15:45pm local time; attendees needingtransfer to the airport after the meeting are most welcometo use this free-of-charge service.

Transfer upon arrival remains unchanged: no organised shuttle will be available and meeting attendees are kindly asked to organise themselves for ground transfer between the airport/railway station and the venue (useful details on ground transportation to be found in the Logistics Pack in the "FILES" section below).


Contact the Organisers

For workshop related questions or concerns (programme, registration, hotel booking, reimbursement, logistics, etc.), please contact the organisers at: eu-toxrisk-rax-ws-2019@eurtd.com


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Workshop Organisation Committee

Susanne Hougaard Bennekou (DTU; EU-ToxRisk member)

Bob van de Water (Leiden University; EU-ToxRisk coordinator)

External Organisation Committee:
Georges Kass (EFSA)
Derek Knight (ECHA)
Eeva Leinala (OECD)
Qasim Chaudhry (SCCS)
Grace Patlewicz (US EPA)
Rositsa Serafimova (EFSA)
Nisha Sipes (US NIH-NTP)



The EU-ToxRisk project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 681002.


Hotel Korpilampi
Korpilammentie 5, Espoo, FinlandPlan my route


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Contact Details

Main organiser: EU-ToxRisk

Send your questions to: eu-toxrisk-rax-ws-2019@eurtd.com