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iProcureNet Kick-off meeting

By Christiane Abele
Tuesday, May 21 2019 10:00
to Wednesday, May 22 2019 18:00

Welcome to the iProcureNet Kick-off Meeting registration page!


Objectives of the Meeting

  • Present the iProcureNet objectives and methodologies: enable a shared understanding and effective collaboration
  • Detail the WP and activities roadmap for the first period of the project
  • Present the project organisation, project management a decision making
  • Set the essentials of the future work process


Date & Venue

The meeting will take place on 21st and 22nd May 2019 and will be hosted by the Direction Générale de la Gendarmerie Nationale in Issy-les-Moulineaux, just outside Paris. Please will all information on how to get to Issy-les-Moulineaux in the logistics pack below.



Each participant is expected to book his or her travel and accommodation individually. We will soon be able to give you more information on hotels.



All participants wishing to attend this event are kindly asked to register by 10th May 2019.


Meeting expenses

The dedicated project budget for meetings covers all organisational costs for the iProcureNet kick-off meeting (meeting rooms, equipment, lunches, coffee breaks and the networking dinner). It does not cover participants’ expenses for travelling and accommodation, which are covered by the partners themselves, via their iProcureNet travel budget.


 Download below:

  • The Logistics Pack (including information on the venue, etc.)
  • The Draft Agenda of the meeting (it will be regularly updated and uploaded on this page)

Need assistance?  

Kick-off Meeting contact person:

Preparation of the meeting

  • Be familiar with the iProcureNet Description of Action (DoA), in particular section 1.3.3 on work package descriptions 
  • Identify any specific issues that need to be discussed within WPs or at project level
  • Prepare partner and/or WP presentation prior to the meeting, using the templates that will be provided by the Project Office.
  • Choose your menu for the networking dinner on Day 1 here: https://cmt.eurtd.com/events/event/view/206071/iprocurenet-kick-off-meeting-networking-dinner
Direction Générale de la Gendarmerie Nationale
Rue Claude Bernard 4, Issy-les-Moulineaux, FrancePlan my route


  • Anonymous

    I hope to be able to join for a short time on Tuesday at least to present JERA if remote option is available and depending on logistics. 

    - Gaynor Whyles

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