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iProcureNet Kick-off meeting Networking Dinner

By Christiane Abele
Tuesday, May 21 2019
19:00 to 21:00

The iProcureNet kick-off meeting Networking Dinner will take place on 21st May at Brasserie "La Coupole", 102 boulevard de Montparnasse, Paris.


"Since 1927 La Brasserie La Coupole has been a symbol of the history of Montparnasse. In an art deco decor, listed as a historical heritage, the Chef offers essential dishes from the great Parisian Brasseries..."

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Please choose your menu by Wednesday 15th May.


Looking forward to getting together with all of you in Paris!

Restaurant La Coupole, 102 boulevard Montparnasse, Paris
Boulevard du Montparnasse 102, Paris, FrancePlan my route


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MININT (iProcureNet Coordinator) and ARTTIC

Christiane Abele, +33 6 52 83 66 22