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VICTORIA Analytics Contest Event

By Thibault Duvillier
VICTORIA Analytics Contest Event
Monday, December 2 2019
00:00 to 00:00


Video recordings have become a major resource for legal investigations after crimes and terrorist acts.
This investigation work is mostly carried out manually by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), this being too resource intensive to handle due to the huge and steadily increasing volume of videos that need to be analysed.
To accelerate, facilitate and improve criminal and terrorism related investigations, new video analytics should be developed for detecting and tracking suspected persons, vehicles, audio etc.
The 3-year H2020 European project VICTORIA, launched on 1st May 2017, is addressing this need and is developing an ethical and legally compliant video analysis platform (VAP) accelerating the video analysis tasks of LEAs.



VICTORIA is organising its Video Analytics challenge called the Analytics Contest which official start date is on 2/12/2019. Challengers will be able to send their algorithms and plugs-in till 15/01/2020.



Audio/video analysis technology developers/providers/researchers are invited to test and benchmark their algorithms and furthermore to develop the necessary plug-ins for these to communicate with the open Video Analysis Platform (VAP) on VICTORIA datasets.

The VAP is an open and flexible platform designed to support analytic tools from third parties with varied features. This new platform will be available in a cloud server (Docker image) during the challenge for testing and integration.



The Analytics Contest is divided into two challenges:

  1. The first challenge will invite the developers to propose detection and tracking of persons and cars as well as audio event detection algorithms, to be integrated as plugins into the VAP. The algorithms performances could also be evaluated using datasets that contain ground truth information allowing relevant tests conditions.
  2. The second challenge will invite the developers to propose the most innovative functionality related to post-event crimes and terrorism acts to be integrated into the VAP.



At the end of the analytics contest, prizes will reward best challengers: first plugins successfully integrated into the VAP, most innovative plugins implemented into the VAP, best algorithms scores on dedicated challenges (persons/cars detection and tracking, audio detection)… The rewarded challengers will also be given visibility on a dedicated webpage of the project public website.



The Challengers are invited to express their interest to the Analytics Contest by registering to this event as of today. Please answer the form attached to the registration highlighting the challenges you would like to perform. 

To register, please click on the REGISTER TO THIS EVENT button in the REGISTRATION section below.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact VICTORIA_Event_Committee@eurtd.com



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 740754



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