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EU-ToxRisk Open Symposium & General Assembly 2020

By Elisabeth Graf
Monday, February 10 2020 15:00
to Thursday, February 13 2020 17:30

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EU-ToxRisk Open Symposium (11-12 Feb. 2020) EU-ToxRisk General Assembly (10-13 Feb. 2020), Egmond aan Zee (The Netherlands)


Welcome on the registration website for the EU-ToxRisk Open Symposium & EU-ToxRisk General Assembly 2020, taking place in the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.

The EU-ToxRisk Open  Symposium, which is a public event and open to all interested stakeholders, takes place on Tue 11 Feb and Wed 12 Feb 2020.

The EU-ToxRisk General Assembly officially starts on Tue 11 Feb 2020, but first CS meetings will already be held on Mon 10 Feb 2020, before the official kick-off of the Open Symposium & General Assembly. The General Assembly, including WP and CS meetings, ends on Thu 13 Feb 2020.

For any questions regarding the event programme or logistics, or if you need help with your registration, please contact the EU-ToxRisk Project Office at eu-toxrisk-arttic@eurtd.com.




The detailed agenda of the Open Symposium, as well as the agenda of the General Assembly (including all project internal side meetings) can be downloaded in the "Files" section at the bottom of this page.

Below please find a summary overview of the programme per day:

Day 1 – Mon 10 Feb 2020:

  • EU-ToxRisk internal meetings: CS10 - CS11/CS12 - CS14 - Cross-Liver System Testing

Day 2 – Tue 11 Feb 2020:

  • EU-ToxRisk Open Symposium & General Assembly
  • EU-ToxRisk internal meetings: WP9 - WP12/WP13 - CS3

Day 3 – Wed 12 Feb 2020:

  • EU-ToxRisk Open Symposium & General Assembly, incl. an interactive session on the EU-ToxRisk NAM-based testing commercialization platform
  • EU-ToxRisk internal meetings: SAB debrief - RAB debrief - WP6 - 4-Organ-Chip - CS15

Day 4 – Thu 13 Feb 2020:

  • EU-ToxRisk General Assembly (project-members only)
  • EU-ToxRisk internal meetings: WP2/WP3 - WP4/WP10 - WP5/WP7 - WP11 - CS8 - CS11/CS12 - CS14 - Steering Team



To make this meeting possible, participants are asked to cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation (B&B):
    70.00 EUR/pers./night
  • Day arrangement (lunch, coffee/tea/water during the breaks):
    38.50 EUR/day/pers.
  • Dinner (external stakeholders only; thank you for your understanding):
    Tue 11 Feb 2020 - EAZEE restaurant - 35.00 EUR/pers. (beverages are offered by the organiser)
    N.B.: Participation to be paid at the reception desk of the Zuiderduin hotel, upon arrival.

 The organisers will cover the following expenses:

  • Renting of meeting rooms and technical equipment
  • Dinner on all meeting days for EU-ToxRisk project members (except on Mon 10 Feb 2020)
  • Shuttle service between the event venue and Schiphol airport/Amsterdam Centraal train station (individually organised transportation has to be paid by the participants)


To facilitate arrival and departure, the EU-ToxRisk Project Office will organise free shuttle transfer for all meeting participants from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Centraal train station to Egmond aan Zee and back.

The final timetable for the shuttles is the following:


  • Mon 10 Feb 2020:
    - 13:15pm CET from Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal to Egmond aan Zee
    - 20:30pm CET from Amsterdam Centraal to Egmond aan Zee
  • - 21:00pm CET from Schiphol Airport to Egmond aan Zee
  • Tue 11 Feb 2020:
    - 09:00am CET from Schiphol Airport to Egmond aan Zee (no shuttle at 09:00am from Amsterdam Centraal)
    - 09:45am CET from Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal to Egmond aan Zee


  • Tue 11 Feb 2020:
    - 18:30pm CET from Egmond aan Zee to Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal
  • Wed 12 Feb 2020:
    - 17:00pm CET from Egmond aan Zee to Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal
  • Thu 13 Feb 2020:
    - 13:45pm CET from Egmond aan Zee to Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal
    - 16:00pm CET from Egmond aan Zee to Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal
    - 17:45pm CET
    from Egmond aan Zee to Schiphol Airport / Amsterdam Centraal

Nota bene: 
1- Individually arranged transfer (by taxi or public transports) will not be covered by the organisers and are at the expense of the participants.
2 - For full details regarding
public transports, please check out the 'HOW TO GET TO EGMOND AAN ZEE BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTS' in the "Files" section below. 



Registration to the event is mandatory for all participants.

  • To register to the event, please click on the “Register to this event” button in the "Registration" section below.
    A questionnaire will open with a number of questions to reply to. The questionnaire also includes the timetable of the shuttle service and you will be able to select your preferred shuttle upon arrival and departure.

Deadline: Registration closed



Accommodation and day arrangements for the meeting (lunch, coffee/tea/water during breaks) have to be booked individually, by each participant, via a separate, dedicated reservation website, handled by the Zuiderduin hotel.

In case of any problems or questions regarding accommodation or day-arrangements, please contact the EU-ToxRisk Project Office (eu-toxrisk-arttic@eurtd.com) or the Zuiderduin hotel directly (sales@zuiderduin.nl).

Deadline: Wed, 29 January 2020

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The EU-ToxRisk project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 681002.



Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee (The Netherlands) - Tel.: +31 (0)72-750 2000 - http://www.zuiderduin.nl
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For any questions or help, please contact the EU-ToxRisk Project Office at eu-toxrisk-arttic@eurtd.com.