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Monday, April 27 2020 09:00
to Tuesday, April 28 2020 15:00

The European funded Security Project VICTORIA in association with the City of Nice in France is organising its Final International Conference. The event dedicated to end-users/LEAs representatives, LEAs and developers will take place in Nice from 27th April 9:00 to 28th April 15:00.

The aim of the research project which started in May 2017 is to enhance the investigations of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) after crimes and terrorist acts with the help of further improved video analytic tools. The VICTORIA partners have therefore developed an open, ethical and legally compliant Video Analysis Platform (VAP) prototype which shall accelerate LEAs video analysis tasks in their day-to-day work.

During the two-day conference, the VICTORIA consortium will present the project outputs after three years of intense research and development and give a live demo of the VICTORIA Video Analysis Platform.

Coordinators of related H2020 security projects will have the opportunity to give insights into their project results and developed tools during a 10 minute talk. They will be able to carry on exchanging and networking at the exhibition space where they will have a booth.

To showcase in detail the project's work, the VICTORIA consortium will also have a dedicated exhibition space and poster session.

On top of that, the winners of the VICTORIA Video Analytics Contest will be awarded and best functionalities will be presented by the challengers.

Lastly, parallel sessions to the programme and exhibition will be organised:
- Live demos of the Video Analysis Platform to small groups of LEAs,
- Guided-Tour through the "Smart City Showroom" and the "City Urban Supervision Centre".

Please note that the conference is free of charge!


Press release, conference programme and a preliminary list of hotels can be downloaded from the files section here below.


NB: The conference room will be equipped with a translation system from French to English and English to French.

Hotel Aston La Scala - 12 avenue Félix Faure - 06000 Nice - www.hotelastonlascala.com
Avenue Félix Faure 12, Nice, FrancePlan my route


Free of Charge
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