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EU-ToxRisk General Assembly 2018

By Elisabeth Graf
Tuesday, February 20 2018 11:00
to Friday, February 23 2018 13:00

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EU-ToxRisk General Assembly, 20-23 February 2018, Egmond aan Zee (The Netherlands)



Welcome on the registration website of the EU-ToxRisk General Assembly, taking place from Tuesday 20 February to Friday 23 February 2018 in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, and hosted by the Hotel Zuiderduin (http://www.zuiderduin.nl).   

The plenary sessions will take place from Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 February.

On Monday 19 February and Friday 23 February, several Work Packages and Case Studies will have additional stand-alone work sessions.




Below please find a rough outline of the programme per day and linked objectives.
The detailed meeting agenda can be downloaded in the "FILES" section further down.

Day 0 – 19 Feb.: CS4 Meeting; WP12 Business Case Meeting

  • For the CS4 meeting, work on the manuscript preparation.
  • For the WP12 meeting, continue the discussions following the meeting in Nov. 2017 in Leiden.

Day 1 – 20 Feb.: Industry Stakeholders Meeting  RAB Meeting  WP6 and 11 Meetings

  • For the public Industry Stakeholders Meeting, present the EU-ToxRisk project, present the concept and highlights of the project’s Case Studies,
    give an overview of the running case studies and their most significant results.
  • For the RAB meeting (RAB members only), define its role and mutual expectations between the RAB and EU-ToxRisk.
  • For the WP6 and WP11 meetings (EU-ToxRisk only), discuss pending issues, clarify open questions, define the way forward for the months to come.

Day 2 – 21 Feb.: Public Scientific Meeting – EU-ToxRisk only Case Studies Session – RAB Debrief Meeting Data Upload Hands-on Training

  • For the Public Scientific Meeting, present the most significant scientific project results achieved so far to the project members and an interested
    public audience, and present the work progress within each Work Package through posters.
  • For the EU-ToxRisk only CS session, discuss strategic topics around the project’s CSs & discuss the way forward for future CSs.
  • For the RAB debrief meeting (RAB members only), prepare feedback and recommendations for the project.
  • For interested EU-ToxRisk members, organise a Data Upload Hands-on Training.

Day 3 – 22 Feb.: SAB Debrief Meeting General Assembly – Steering Team Meeting  WP Meetings

  • For the SAB debrief meeting (SAB members only), prepare feedback and recommendations for the project.
  • For the EU-ToxRisk General Assemly, get feedback from the SAB/RAB, discuss and take important management decisions concerning the project,
    get an update on upcoming dissemination and exploitation activities.
  • For the Steering Team meeting, debrief the General Assembly and discuss any identified issues.
  • In the WP parallel sessions, discuss pending issues, clarify open questions, define the way forward for the months to come.

Day 4 – 23 Feb.: Paraben Case Study Hackathon; Case Study Meetings

  • For the Paraben Case Study hackathon, move ahead with the safety assessment using the available data to see how far we can get with the current information,
    if and what gaps need to be addressed, if appropriate.
  • For the Case Study meetings, discuss pending issues.


To make the General Assembly meeting possible, EU-ToxRisk participants are asked to cover certain costs linked to the meeting.
The biggest cost items will be covered by the organisers.

The participants have to cover the following expenses:

  • Accommodation
    • 67,50 EUR/pers./night
  • Day arrangement (lunch, coffee/tea/water during the breaks)
    • Full-day: 32,50 EUR/pers.
    • Half-day: 25,00 EUR/pers.

 The organisers will cover the following expenses:

  • Renting of the meeting rooms and technical equipment
  • Dinner on all meeting days (except on Mon 19 Feb.)
  • The organised shuttle service to Egmond aan Zee (individually organised transportation has to be paid by the participants)


To facilitate arrival and departure, the EU-ToxRisk Project Office will organise free shuttle transfer from Amsterdam Centraal and Schiphol to Egmond aan Zee and back.

For the schedule of the shuttle buses, please refer to the 'FINAL SHUTTLE TIMETABLE' stored in the "FILES" section below.

Should none of the proposed time options suit you, please refer to the 'LOGISTICS PACK' and the 'HOW TO GET THERE BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTS' in the "FILES" section below to arrange your arrival/departure individually. Please note that taxi services are quite expensive, and we recommend using them only if all other options are not feasible.



Registration to the event is mandatory for all participants. To register to the event, please click on the “Register to this event” button in the "REGISTRATION" section below.
A questionnaire will open with a number of questions to reply to. The questionnaire also includes the timetable of the shuttle service.

Deadline: Friday 2 Feb. 2018



Accommodation and day arrangements for the meeting (lunch, coffee/tea/water during the breaks) have to be booked individually by each participant.
To reserve your hotel room and indicate the required number of day arrangements, please complete the reservation form stored in the "FILES" section below and
send it directly to the hotel (contact details included in the form).

Deadline: Friday 2 Feb. 2018


Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee (The Netherlands) - Tel.: +31 (0)72-750 2000 - http://www.zuiderduin.nl
Zeeweg 52, 1931 VL Egmond aan Zee, NetherlandsPlan my route


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For any questions or help, please contact the EU-ToxRisk Project Office at eu-toxrisk-arttic@eurtd.com