Inventory of practitioners’ requirements (EC reference D2.2)

This document deals with the practitioners’ requirements and the information needed by the end-users concerning situational awareness and Situational Awareness Systems. The situational awareness requirements from the civil protection practitioners are the basis and point of leverage to describe and define the further specifications of the targeted Multi-Stakeholder Situational Awareness System. The practitioners or end-users are located in the field of firefighters, technical relief, paramedics, police, other practitioners, and further stakeholders in the administration level of civil protection as well.

Lead author: Hanna M. Burkow, THW

Contributing authors:

  • Christoph Lamers, IdF,

  • David Cole, PHE

  • Elodie Reuge, EOS

  • Friedrich Steinhäusler, ISCC

  • Georgios Eftychidis, KEMEA

  • Matts Ahlsen, CNet

  • Michael Löscher, ARTTIC

  • Rémi Beteille, ARTTIC

  • Rod McCall, LIST

  • Romuald Beauvais, ARTTIC

  • Sabine Lenz, THW

  • Samuel Collins, PHE

  • Sebastian Hohmann, THW

  • Stanley Greenstein, SU

  • Stefanie Müller, DIN

  • Thano Komianos, PHE

  • Torben Sauerland, PBU

  • Yoanne Didry, LIST


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