Reference scenarios (EC reference D2.3)

This document comprises a list of reference scenarios for five types of use cases, namely natural hazards, technological hazards, security hazards (including CBRN), health hazards, and “socio-economic hazards”, defining different types of scenarios to address. For each of the types of scenario there is a compilation of defined examples of real incidents (and additional fictive scenario incidents). The examples provide key facts and short illustrations of the main affected categories of possible tasks of practitioners. Of the list of reference scenarios, the example of the Elbe and Danube River flood of May/June 2013 is described in more detail. Furthermore, on the basis of the information gathered from the list of reference scenarios, each of the different types of scenarios is examined in order to ascertain what kind of information/requirement would be needed for situational awareness.

The reference scenarios referred to in this deliverable will be used mainly to assess the future SAYSO Specifications in work package three during the further progress of the project SAYSO, and to some extent for identifying existing gaps during the Gap Analysis (in Task 2.3). In using the reference scenarios for assessing the future SAYSO Specifications it will be essential to update the content of this preliminary deliverable during the progress and further work in SAYSO. Therefore, it shall for instance be enriched with more details concerning aspects and requirements for Multi-Stakeholder Situational Awareness Systems.

Lead author: Hanna M. Burkow, THW

Contributing authors:

  • Matts Ahlsen, CNet
  • Christian Baumhauer, ARTTIC
  • Stanley Greenstein, Stockholm University
  • George Kowalczyk, PHE 
  • Peter Wahlgren, Stockholm University
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