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EdiCitNet Community
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Andernach deciding about Living Lab area

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      Launch of Living Lab Area in Andernach: the Lab's site
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      Area Living Lab Andernach: First measurements
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      Launch of Living Lab Area in Andernach: First groundworks

    EdiCitNet Activities

      *Rotterdam is on the way to catch up things! We had very fruitful discussions at the Front-Runner City Meeting and are looking forward that the WP Lead is supported by two very experienced Project Manager - we are planning to revive the Workshops in early April!

      *Together with Oslo we and the City Team Oslo will co-create a new Living Lab - we are together in negotiations how to proceed in the scope of EdiCitNet

      *Andernach is very advanced in their City Team and truly applied co-creation with all kind of different stakeholder - what is still a regular informal Wednesday Meeting will be officially installed and mainstreamed to foster the excellent work in Andernach

      *Havana is about to get validated - after a long time we integrated the MINISTRY of AGRICULTURE of HAVANA into this project as requested by the validation office

      *A very engaged NGO in Suzhou is validated! Thanks to all partners who supported us

      *The next amendment will foresee the integration of the new Cities inclusive the replacing City for Heidelberg


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