CMT - public

CMT - public

This community is dedicated to users who want to learn how to use CMT. New users are automatically members of this group, but all users can leave or join the group at any time.

Welcome on the CMT user guidelines community !

  • Feel free to consult the CMT User Guidelines page or the FAQ page.
  • If you still have questions, you can search for answers in the group forum and even ask your own question.
    • rodlist


      Asked by rodlist Answers (3)
      Hello, At present I am using a lot of collaborative and sharing tools such as the CMT, SharePoint, Slack and Confluence plus Evernote etc. Most of these tools have some form of API or connections to other tools, some provide this via Zapier or...
      • rodlist

        Is there a bug with text entry?

        Asked by rodlist Answers (1)
        In general the CMT is fast (such is the case now for example). However, twice today when replying to a post/question and entering a message with many paragraphs and lines, text editing became very slow. After say five or so lines, each...
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