What is the Spotlight Innovative Solutions about?

CM Solutions are defined as a set of predefined methods for addressing specific CM Functions/Gaps that can be realized or supported by CM Tool(s). In this context, CM Tools can be either software or hardware and CM Solutions can combine technologies, tools, methods, concepts, or recommendations that regard potential technical, organizational, procedural, legal, policy, societal, or ethical improvements to the European Crisis Management legacy. 

The Spotlight Innovative Solutions provides an overview of existing CM Solutions that are part of the the database-driven online catalogue DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions. The PoS aims at:

  • Documenting and presenting details on solutions tested and evaluated during the DRIVER+ Trials
  • Allowing for the introduction of third party solutions already used by practitioners or relevant to Crisis Management

The Spotlight Innovative Solutions allows you to:

  • View and comment on existing solutions 
  • Share a promising solution you know
  • Ask for a particular solution or on the use of solutions
  • Related solution directories
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