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The SOURCE Societal Security Network ( has operated for four years under contract with the European Commission, funding work on the manifold problems of societal security, and yielding an impressive body of research, training, documentation and shared experience. What makes the SOURCE societal security network stand out from similar activities is the integration of a wide variety of stakeholder groups, groups that would otherwise work unconnected without a sustainable platform for exchange and lacking opportunities for mutual learning across disciplinary and professional boundaries. To keep the momentum gathered over the years in the SOURCE Network of Excellence, the newly formed SOURCE Virtual Centre of Excellence will evolve the societal security network into a self-sustained endeavour, driven by a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional group of motivated and dedicated individuals interested and engaged in all matters of security.


Security has blossomed over the last decades into a key priority for societies, fuelling heated political debates and creating a wide variety of highly profitable business opportunities and academic sub-specialties. Security was long a topic for specialists in political science departments cooperating with government experts to develop adequate strategies to provide for the security of the State – traditionally the main and sole referent of security discourse.

This has changed: today we see an expansion of the security discourse sweeping across society, affecting all social domains from energy to environment, from culture to finance. The SOURCE Virtual Centre of Excellence reacts to this branching out of security into society, by connecting the dots between the diverse pieces of the societal puzzle to create a comprehensive and shared understanding of security as a central concept for contemporary societies.

Societies are complex, vulnerable, cultural and political objects, exposed to a multitude of threats, riddled with seemingly existential crises. Sometimes paralysed by the toxic brew of fear, politically exaggerated threats and a feeling of being exposed to intangible enemies. This combination is the recipe for a malaise in which societies fall prey to seemingly simple solutions for rather complex problems. The SOURCE Virtual Centre of Excellence sets out to address this complexity upfront, bringing together the expertise and ideas of members recruited from policy, industry, civil society, research and security related professions.

As a non-profit platform, the SOURCE Virtual Centre of Excellence provides resources for communication, research and controversy about different approaches to security by deliberating proposals about what makes a secure society. The philosophy of the SOURCE VCE is based on the principle of exchange, cooperation, mutual learning across professional and disciplinary boundaries, creating added value for individual contributors actively engaging in discussions and bringing together competent experts online and offline to address relevant topics. As a platform and toolkit, the SOURCE VCE is open for use for the wider community of security professionals, policy makers and academics.

What is a secure society? What tools do we need to obtain it? What are the real threats? Are dramatic investments in professional services and technological solutions the answer to the challenge of securing Europe?

Sign up on the SOURCE Community Platform (SCP) to share your ideas and contribute to a debate about the key questions on societal security. We seek to launch a lively and productive exchange taking this question as a starting point for the SOURCE VCE.

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How does the SCP work?

The SOURCE Community Platform (SCP) is built on the Community Management Tool (CMT), a platform developed by ARTTIC to facilitate communication and information exchange between the members of a project community, particularly in the context of innovation uptake.

About the SOURCE project

The aim of the SOURCE Network of Excellence is to create a robust and sustainable virtual centre of excellence capable of exploring and advancing societal issues in security research and development. The SOURCE Network of Excellence is built upon five types of activities: networking activities, research, information gathering, education and training, and knowledge-sharing. These five areas together address both the ambitions and the expected impact of the Work Programme specific to the Security call. Through an integrated information gathering hub, education programmes across the security sectors, and a comprehensive programme of networking activities the SOURCE project will advance European excellence in research and industrial innovation and form the foundation for a permanent virtual centre of excellence capable of continuing to bring added-value to research on societal security. Through a broad set of concerted activities the centre will gather experts and actors from all levels of the security chain (researchers, industry actors, policy-makers, civil society, end-users and the public at large), all linked by a common project of documenting, analysing and understanding the link between security and the society in which it is played out.

Through an array of networking activities, meetings, scientific and popular publications, film, press and social media, a scholarly journal and the formation of an international association for the study and improvement of societal security, the SOURCE Network of Excellence will meet the goals of raising the awareness among policy makers and end-users, raising the competitiveness of the security industry by better applying it to the social layers of insecurity in society and, as a consequence, contribute to the improvement of the well-being and security of European citizens.

The SOURCE project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement n°312288

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