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Handling the crises faced by modern societies often requires the coordination of multiple types of stakeholders from different countries. One of the key requirements to manage crisis is to have access to situational awareness (SA). However, current SA solutions (SAS) are not adapted to operate in cross-border contexts and present several shortcomings related to interoperability, data management/processing, decision making, standardisation and procurement. This hinders a reliable sharing of SA information. SAYSO will address these shortcomings and pave the way for the development of innovative European cost-effective Multi-Stakeholders SA Systems (MSSAS) which will provide practitioners with user-friendly solutions, providing a clear picture of the situation at hand with relevant advices.

Addressing both the technical and human aspects of technology implementation, SAYSO will define the specifications of future MSSAS on the basis of practitioners’ requirements and specify the corresponding Reference Architecture to support the integration of various data into a common operational picture. This architecture will support interoperability and allow the integration of legacy and future SAS. It will also be customisable to practitioners’ needs and safeguard adequate privacy protection and data security levels. SAYSO will pursue the agreement and sustainable involvement of a community of practitioners, relevant suppliers and potential procurers, institutions and policy makers to obtain widely accepted results and prepare future procurement actions at EU level.

SAYSO will develop a toolkit for MSSAS procurers, which will include tender documentation for SAYSO-compliant MSSAS and a SAYSO Procurers Handbook (with tools to evaluate MSSAS tenders and assess their compliance with the SAYSO specifications and existing standards). A registry of potential suppliers and procurers of MSSAS will be set up. Finally, SAYSO will deliver roadmaps for future MSSAS and standardisation.

Brief description: Situational Awareness Innovation Network EUrope - A Network & Community initiative by the SAYSO project


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    What is SAYSO?

      SAYSO (Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection) is a not for profit, Civil Protection practitioner led EU funded project focusing on tackling the challenges met by emergency responders during cross-border and multi stakeholder, civil protection operations. It was launched in May 2017 and is funded by the European Commission as part of the "Horizon 2020" programme.

      SAYSO is coordinated by the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and involves the cooperation of 12 partners from 8 different European countries. It includes practitioners and experts in the different fields relevant to the project (procurement, standardisation, ICT architecture, human factors, ethics and legal aspects).

      The project’s main objective is to put in place the preparatory work for the development of innovative Situational Awareness Systems that will improve the coordination of civil protection operations where multiple organisations are involved, especially in the case of international cooperation.

      SAYSO includes three main work phases:

      Phase 1


      • Survey of requirements of practitioners and emergency responders across Europe.
      • Analysis of the shortcomings of systems currently used.
      • Investigation of existing and new tools and features.

      Phase 2



      • Integration of requirements into system specifications and a reference architecture.
      • Validation of SAYSO specifications against reference scenarios, also considering standardisation.
      • Technical feasibility assessment of specifications supported by the project’s network of suppliers.

      Phase 3



      • Provision to Public Procurement Authorities of a toolkit for Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)*.
      • Creation of an open call platform for future PCP activity.
      • Creation of an online registry of suppliers and procurers of SAYSO-compliant systems.
      *Pre-Commercial Procurements (PCPs) are procurement actions that include the funding of the research and development required to bring to maturity, solutions tailored to the needs of the procuring practitioners.


      SAYSO will establish and maintain a sustainable international Network & Community, named “SA-IN-EU”, of practitioners, procurers and suppliers of SAYSO‐compliant Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders coming from different types of organisations and cultural backgrounds.

      If you are a civil protection practitioner and want to help us shape Situational Awareness Systems matching your needs, please complete online survey on

      All public SAYSO reports

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        Data Protection and Privacy Policy

          Please find out more about the SAYSO/SA-IN-EU Data Protection and Privacy Policy here.

          Please address any queries to

          SAYSO Public Workshop presentations

            We are pleased to share the presentations used during the first SAYSO Public Workshop that took place in Berlin on 21st March 2018. These will allow you to find out more about SAYSO, it's objectives and first results.

            The shared presentations are as follows:

            In addition to this, you will find below the links to the worksheets (in word format) used during the feedback session:

            • Input/Output data used by EU crisis managers”: This worksheet aims to list the sort of input and output data that your organisation handles using a number of Situational Awareness tools.
            • Requirements worksheet”: In this worksheet, please list your organisation’s 10 essential requirements for Situational Awareness systems and the 10 most important tools used. Supporting information can be found in the list entitled “Worksheet supporting information
            • Situational Awareness Tools”: In this worksheet, please list the Situational Awareness tools that your organisation would use in given reference scenarios.

            Any input is more than welcome. Please return your completed worksheets to Hanna Burkow, THW, SAYSO Project Coordinator (

            Results of the first SAYSO survey (2017)

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              SAYSO needs YOUR help!

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                What is SA-IN-EU - The Situational Awareness Innovation Network EUrope?

                  The Situational Awareness Innovation Network EUrope is an initiative launched by the Horizon 2020 SAYSO project as part of its effort to build a sustainable Network and Community of Civil Protection Practitioners, suppliers of Situational Awareness systems and Public Procurement Authorities that will live beyond the project's duration.

                  SAYSO will allow European civil protection and emergency responder organisations to procure, at a competitive price, innovative Situational Awareness systems and tools matching their needs. By joining SA-IN-EU, you will be able to contribute to shaping the Situational Awareness systems of the future.

                  Benefits of joining SA-IN-EU

                  Civil Protection Practitioners (crisis managers, firefighters, medical emergency services, police forces, LEAs, etc.):

                  • Help shape Situational Awareness Systems that best suit your needs.
                  • Share experiences with other practitioners from all across Europe.
                  • Exchange with Suppliers and Procurers for Situational Awareness Systems.
                  • Find out more by joining the SA-IN-EU Network & Community of Practitioners.

                  Suppliers of Situational Awareness systems (industry, including SMEs, supplying SA-related tools and R&T solutions):

                  Public Procurement Authorities (interested in the procurement of SA systems and relevant R&D services):

                  Other benefits for all:

                  • Exchange information and ideas with your peers from across Europe.
                  • Be the first to receive information on SAYSO developments and results, and exchange and comment on these results.

                  To contribute to group discussions, to ask questions or to share content, please register here.
                  Once registered, please click on "Join group" on the top of every page of interest.

                  Photos from the SAYSO Public Workshop - 21st March 2018 in Berlin

                    • slide image
                      Hanna Burkow (THW), SAYSO Project Coordinator, introducing the SAYSO project
                    • slide image
                      Dr.-Ing. Michael Stephan (DIN), presenting the Deutsches Institut für Normung E.V., host organisation of the public workshop
                    • slide image
                      Presentation by Prof. Friedrich Steinhäusler (ISCC), SAYSO Technical Director
                    • slide image
                      Suppliers presentations: Elodie Reuge, EOS (top left); Dimitris Diagourtas, SATWAYS (top right); Gerardo Glorioso, Treelogic (bottom left); Nicola Iarossi, Leonardo (bottom right)
                    • slide image
                      Feedback sessions in groups

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