Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE)

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    • DRIVER+ project published new project reports

      By Myriam Ben Ammar
      The DRIVER+ project has just published some new project public reports. Click here if you would like to read more about the solutions applied in DRIVER+ Trial 1, the Trial Guidance Methodology, the evaluations of the Trials and...
    • Call for Experts

      By Myriam Ben Ammar
      The CMINE is launching a Call for experts who might be interested in joining one of the thematic task groups, Floods, Volunteer Management and Wildfires. The Call will remain open until end of February 6th 2019. Joining one of the CMINE task groups...


      The CMINE online platform provides various features to individuals and practitioner networks to exchange knowledge and engage in discussions with experts from other fields, to learn about new topics and challenges in the field of crisis management and to become involved in thematic working groups focused on a specific challenges/issue/problem.

      The CMINE is set up around different working themes which reflect the DRIVER+ Trials and will function as "one-stop shop" with the aim to:

      • form dedicated working groups addressing specific challenges within the respective thematic areas
      • provide information on the topic (news, documents, tweets, videos...) in general and in relation to DRIVER+ Trials
      • share knowledge and facilitate discussion related to managing crisis
      • engage with other crisis management stakeholders & networks to share information and discuss potentials for collaboration

      Click here to get further details about the chairs of the working groups and the governance strucutrue of the CMINE.  

      Click on the icons below to discover these features and learn more about the thematic areas!


        We want to know what YOU think! 

      We invite you to give your opinion on the current or suggested Themes, as well as to suggest new Themes to be addressed in the CMINE. Your input can be submitted in a few clicks through the "Vote 4 Theme" section - click "Add a Knowledge" to suggest a new Theme, or "Recommend a Knowledge" to give your opinion on the current ones, or Themes that have been suggested by others.

      Help us direct the activity towards the very topics of interest to YOU!







          • View and comment on existing solutions 
          • Share a promising solution you know
          • Ask for a particular solution or on the use of solutions
          • Related solution directories


          Provides an overview of the DRIVER+ terminology. Within the next weeks it will be possilbe to:

          • View and comment on existing terms
          • Propose and share new terms


          Reports on the status and outcomes of the DRIVER+ trials 1 & 2. Within the next weeks it will be possible:

          • View and comment the Trial Guidance Methodology and the solutions tested during the DRIVER+ trials
          • Share your knowledge and experiences with regards to trials, demonstrations and trainings


          Provides an overview of the DRIVER+ standardisation activities. Within the next weeks it will be possilbe to:

          • View and comment on proposed standards
          • Propose and share new standardisation ides

          FIND AN EXPERT

            This virtual community platform aims to be an online “meeting place” for the members of the CMINE, to interact and share information, experience and best practices. Meeting via the platform can help overcoming the limitations of time and distance that may otherwise deter participation in engagement. 

            If you are looking for a certain type of expertise, wish to discuss challenges with peers of similar professional activity, or have a question for the other end of the Crisis Management value chain, have a look among the members of the CMINE!


            The search function is currently under development - more elaborated search functionalities are being made available!

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