Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE)

Where to start and how to contribute?

    The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe will give priority to new themes proposed by members of this group. In order to vote on the proposed themes related to natural disasters or propose a new theme, this is how to proceed:

    • Go to Vote or propose a new theme for the CMINE
    • Vote for your preference on the proposed themes by adding your recommendation (ranking the relevance of this topic to your organisation & explaining your ranking)
    • Based on your feedback we will propose the three highest ranked topic for selection of potential sub-groups & discussion threats.
    • You want to propose another theme on natural disaster you would like to see included? Click on Add a knowledge here below to add a new theme

    What will be the topics to be discussed in this group?

      The scope of activities to be undertaken by the CMINE will address the main thematic and functional topics identified by the United Nations Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030), but also the European Commission (e.g. Community of Users) and UNISDR’s initiative.

      Thus, the CMINE will be structured around concrete topics focusing on natural disasters, addressing challenges that have not yet been sufficiently addressed in the Crisis Management domain and allowing to exchange lessons learnt and experience resulting from the 4 Trials currently being conducted within the frame of the DRIVER+ project.


      In order to achieve CMINE´s goal to facilitate cooperation between the various types of stakeholders and best practices, we want to make sure that CMINE addresses your needs and the virtual platform is set up accordingly!

      Therefore we need your feedback and your views on what is important to you!

      • Let us know which theme among the proposed themes is utmost important to you and why- here

      • Propose another theme on natural disaster that you would like to see included in the list- here

      The CMINE group is a joint effort meaning that it will only achieve its goal when all members contribute actively to it by providing input, engaging in discussions, adding new knowledge and proposing new themes. It is a natural process that the CMINE group will develop further during time and structured according to group members feedback and needs.

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      Welcome to the CMINE group!

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        What is the CMINE about?

          Currently a plethora of projects and initiatives related to Crisis Management do exist at national, EU and international level. However, coordination and oversight on these activities is scarce. Due to the lack of an overarching crisis management network both on European Union (EU) level and beyond, information and knowledge gaps are often occurring that restrain actors involved in Crisis Management to be as efficient and innovative as they should be. The fragmentation of the Crisis Management landscape also results in a slow uptake of market solutions and, thereby, the development of the domain is hindered.

          To address these challenges the DRIVER+ project (DRiving InnoVation in crisis management for European Resilience) launched the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE).

          The CMINE is a Community of Practice in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction which has at its goal to serve as an overarching body aiming to connect existing networks and initiatives to better synchronise their work and increase efficiency.

          CMINE will facilitate  cooperation between the various types of stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices that will eventually facilitate the faster market uptake of solutions in the Crisis Management domain.

          The CMINE will be developed in-person (via working groups and events) as well as virtually via the Community Management Tool (CMT).

          How to navigate through this page?


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