The Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange Platform (TTSEP) prepares the industrial uptake of solar thermo-chemical fuel production.

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Owner: Martin Dietz
Group members: 30
Brief description: The Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange Platform (TTSEP) prepares the industrial uptake of solar thermo-chemical fuel production.

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    The SUN-to-LIQUID Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange Platform (TTSEP) provides the opportunity to:

    1. exchange ideas and discuss with experts about early stages of development of the solar thermo-chemical fuel production in order to prepare for its industrial uptake.
    2. participate in SUN-to-LIQUID events such as the Scientific Workshop.
    3. be invited to the group meetings exchange on distinct aspects of the SUN-to-LIQUID system, e.g. new developments of the downstream technologies or the thermo-chemical process. This will ensure continuous learning within the project, raise awareness and contribute to the transfer the SUN-to-LIQUID technology to industrial application.
    4. attend a dedicated technology transfer meeting for registered members of the platform with the objective to share experimental results and collect recommendations from the stakeholder exchange platform concerning the exploitation of the fuel path beyond the SUN-to-LIQUID project phase.


      The Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange Platform (TTSEP)

      Welcome! The main goal of this platform is to prepare the industrial uptake of solar thermo-chemical fuel production by engaging various stakeholders in the early stages of development. Similar to concentrated solar power plants for electricity generation, solar thermo-chemical fuels show low operation cost but high initial investment. For this reason it is of special importance to adequately promote the fuel path so that financial barriers to implement solar thermo-chemical fuel production can be lowered.

      The SUN-to-LIQUID project

      SUN-to-LIQUID aims at the scale-up and experimental validation of the complete process chain to solar liquid hydrocarbon fuels from H2O, CO2 and solar energy. The project takes solar thermo-chemical fuel production from the laboratory to the field at a pre-commercial scale. Thus, SUN-to-LIQUID will advance solar fuel technology well beyond the state of the art. The project which kicked off in January 2016 will provide the knowledge and technological roadmap for the way forward towards a reliable basis for competitive industrial exploitation. For more information visit

      How to join?

        It's easy to join the Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange Platform (TTSEP). To do so you have to be a registered member of the Community Management Tool (CMT), which is used to host this platform. If you are not registered in the CMT yet, please

        • proceed to register
        • click on "join group or request membership" (on the top right of this page)

        Once you are a part of the SUN-to-LIQUID network, you are requested to complete your profile with your business and technology interests. This will enable SUN-to-LIQUID to inform you about the continued progress within the project and collect your expert opinion on the perspectives and implementation requirements of SUN-to-LIQUID fuel.

        In case you have any problems with registration contact for support or have a look at our quick start guide.


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