DRIVER+ External Cooperation platform for Solution providers

DRIVER+ External Cooperation platform for Solution providers

External cooperation is one of the key success factors of DRIVER+. Involving stakeholders that are external to the project consortium will ensure high quality, relevance and appropriateness of the DRIVER+ Trials and other project activities. For carrying out complex tasks such as the DRIVER+ Trials and for reaching the ambitious objectives of the project, the consortium seeks to closely work together with innovative solution providers, interested and concerned practitioners that may benefit from the results of DRIVER+, and Crisis Management experts providing required expertise to strengthen the project team.

The DRIVER+ External Cooperation Platform for Solution Providers is the central point for communication and information sharing between solution providers involved or interested in the activities of the project.

Closed group: membership will be accepted upon invitation (or validation of a request by an administrator of the group).

How do I join?

If you are a practitioner wanting to exchange safely with other European practitioners, Join the DRIVER+ External cooperation platform for Solution Providers!


In order to join this group you must be a registered member of the Community Management Tool (CMT). If you are not registered in the CMT, please proceed to

About the DRIVER+ project & External Cooperation with Solution Providers

The challenges for Crisis Management (CM) are manifold with a large variety of threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, pandemics, migration, etc. In order to efficiently answer to these challenges a vast range of capabilities and expertise is needed. In addition, the threats are often not limited to a certain region or even state, thus, response activities must often stretch over both country borders and language barriers. Crisis Management is a multidisciplinary field and involves many different organisations specialised and covering various mission functions throughout the whole CM cycle (prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery).

DRIVER+ starts from the experience that neither successful R&D nor strong end-user demand always lead to innovation in the Crisis Management (CM) domain. This is a problem since as societies become more complex, increasing scope and unpredictability of potential crises and faster dynamics of major incidents put increasingly stringent demands on CM. European CM capabilities already constitute a mature System of Systems; hence wholesale redesign would often be too costly and might critically destabilise existing CM capabilities. Therefore DRIVER+ focuses on augmenting rather than replacing existing capabilities. DRIVER+ has three main objectives: 1) Develop a pan-European Test-bed for crisis management capability development; 2) Develop a well-balanced comprehensive portfolio of crisis management solutions, and 3) Facilitate a shared understanding of crisis management across Europe.

DRIVER+ follows an open and inclusive approach and invests significant efforts for involving external stakeholders in the project’s activities through concrete external cooperation actions. Realising external cooperation with relevant stakeholders will allow the project to reach its ambitious objectives and is considered to be one of the main critical success factors for the project.

DRIVER+ aims to involve Solution providers from industry, SMEs and research having developed innovative solutions that contribute to closing existing gaps in Crisis Management and offering their solutions to the project’s trialling activities to showcase them to interested practitioners.



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DRIVER+ External Cooperation Manager (ECM) contact

The role of DRIVER+ External Cooperation Manager (ECM) is held by Michael Lösher from ARTTIC, who is supported by Anna Ellinge Madar (ARTTIC). For any enquieries regarding external cooperation matters in DRIVER+ please contact