The vision of the PEN-CP project is to translate research and innovation into scalable, viable solutions that would help European customs administrations to overcome the challenges of the contemporary customs security. Essentially, this network aims to identify research and innovation and to facilitate field-testing and further commercialization of the most promising solutions for better performing security-centric customs operations. The PEN-CP partners have defined, agreed and committed to pursue the following four main objectives of this five-year H2020 project:

  • Derive and articulate common needs for customs security research, innovation and standardization.
  • Accelerate and coordinate efficient uptake of customs security innovations and investments.
  • Build tangible synergies with existing European, global and national networks of security practitioners.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability and success of the PEN-CP Community + network...

The four PEN-CP main objectives are underpinned by more specific objectives that structure the network’s efforts towards the vision of providing high border security cost-effectively, without disrupting legitimate trade and logistics. Achieving the objectives will address the specific challenges of the European Commissions's call text and have a substantial impact across EU policy-making areas and functions.


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