DRIVER+ External Cooperation Platforms

DRIVER+ External Cooperation Platforms

About the DRIVER+ External Cooperation Platforms

The challenges for Crisis Management are manifold with a large variety of threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, pandemics, migration, etc. In order to efficiently answer to these challenges, a vast range of capabilities and expertise is needed. In addition, the threats are often not limited to a certain region or even state, thus, response activities must often stretch over both country borders and language barriers. Crisis Management is a multidisciplinary field and involves many different organisations specialised and covering various mission functions throughout the whole Crisis Management cycle (prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery).

DRIVER+ follows an open and inclusive approach and invests significant efforts for involving external stakeholders in the project’s activities through concrete external cooperation actions.

External cooperation is one of the key success factors for DRIVER+. The consortium seeks to closely work with innovative solution providers, interested and concerned practitioners that may benefit from the results of DRIVER+, and Crisis Management experts providing required extertise to strengthen the project team.

To this end, DRIVER+ created three external cooperation platforms, supported by an online tool: the Community Management Tool (CMT).This is the online meeting place for the platform members to interact and share information, experiences and best practices.

Where to start?

In order to join this group you must be a registered member of the Community Management Tool (CMT). If you are not registered in the CMT, please proceed to  


You may start by joining or by sending a request to join groups of your interest:

  • Are you a practitioner wanting to exchange safely with other European practitioners? Join the DRIVER+ External cooperation platform for Practitioners
  • Are you a solution provider wanting to present and discuss innovative solutions? Join the DRIVER+ External cooperation platform for Solution Providers
  • Are you a Crisis Management expert wanting to exchange and discuss about relevant topics in the area of Crisis Management? Join the DRIVER+ External cooperation platform for Experts


  • What can the CMT do for me?

    By Stephanie Albiero
    Whether you are a project partner, a stakeholder or simply interested in following the research topic, the CMT is designed to help you engage with the project. You can follow project developments, be aware of upcoming events, and engage in...
  • How to manage my notifications & weekly digest?

    By Stephanie Albiero
    By default you have a notification in the upper right corner if something new is posted in the group you are part of and a weekly digest of activities in the group. However, you can manage the notifications and the digest and adapt them to your...
  • How to join a group?

    By Stephanie Albiero
    Click on Groups on the CMT menu bar or scroll down the main page to see the list of all DRIVER+ groups. Click on the group's name. In the case of public (open) groups, click on Join Group and you will immediately become a...
  • How to participate in a group?

    By Stephanie Albiero
    News and events can only be created by a group owner or administrator. All members can create questions, post files and bookmarks and (if activated) tweets which are accessible to the group or to specific members defined by...
  • How do I edit my profile?

    By Stephanie Albiero
    On the menu bar, under Account, click on Profile to edit your profile. Click Edit avatar to add a photo to your profile. Click Edit profile to complete your profile. For every data field you need to define...
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