Disaster Risk Management Programme, Flood Prevention

    By Radmila


    Solution Name :
    Flood Prevention Programme
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    Mission Statement  :

    Investments in flood prevention build more resilient communities and reduce the risk of floods and their impact on society.

    Description :

    After devastating floods in May 2014, Serbia adopted a new National Disaster Risk Management Programme. Flood Prevention Programme, as one part of it, shows the actions taken after major floods for implementation of flood prevention measures.

    Motivation :

    The solution shows different flood prevention measures taken in Serbia after major floods, e.g. structural measures, infrastructure, case studies etc.

    Readiness  :

    The solution is in the implementation phase. It is ranked stage 6: wide-scale adoption.

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    Company :

    Government Public Investment Management Office, Republic of Serbia

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    Started in December 2014.

    Language :

    English and Serbian

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