INERO Flood Protection Barriers


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INERO mobile flood barriers
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Mission Statement  :
Description :

This is an innovative solution that substitutes (or makes addition to) already proven methods (ramparts, sandbags). Advantage is fast and easy use of the barriers which enables quicker response.
Barriers are intended for:
- Protection from rising water;
- Can be assembled on already flooded land;
- Control of a flow of water;

Motivation :
Readiness  :

Solution is already tested and proved with wide-scale adoption.

Crisis Management Cycle Phase  :
Scope :
Key Target Group :
Crisis Size  :


Technique  :
Application :

Solution is used by private and public sector practictioners (municipalities, fire&rescue services, etc.)
The use was also proved during the Field Exercise ”IPA FLOODS – VARAŽDIN 2017” held in Croatia when teams from seven national civil protection authorities tested their Inero mobile flood barriers and high capacity pumps donated from the project. Two teams from Germany and Italy connected with their High Capacity Pumps.

Integration  :

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