Water to fight water - inovative flood protection method


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Water to fight water
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Mission Statement  :

Simplicity and efficiency of the innovative embankment as solution for flood defense. It is used for both quick build of embankment because of sudden rise of water (flood threat) or when the flood already occured.

Description :

The “Water to fight water” protective embankments consist of plastic pipes, 10 to 20 metres long, joined together using special connecting elements to form a single embankment of required length and width, filled with water to form a dam against a potential flood.
The “Water to fight water” protection system does not require construction of sandbagged embankments, it allows very rapid execution of plastic pipe embankments filled with water using fewer people. The very same water which threatens to flood the area is used to fill the pipes.

Motivation :

- Quick installation and removal, up to 20 times faster compared to sandbagged temporary embankments
- Reduced likelihood of construction faults resulting from human errors
- Capability of significantly faster response to emergency situations
- Suitable for all types of terrain
- Suitable for repeated use
- Simple and quick dismantling

The stated is just part of advantages in comparsion with "old" flood protection methods that takes time (construction of temporary sandbagged embankments), are complex and/or complicated (construction of stable temporary embankments, etc.)

Readiness  :

Solution was tested on large number of locations in real terms, and it is proved and used in Republic of Croatia (Hrvatska Kostajnica, Požega, Međimurje County) and exported in Austria, Germany and Poland.

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english, croatian

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