Call for Applications for “The Austrian” Trial CLOSED!

By Anna Ellinge Madar


In 2014, dedicated practitioners’ organizations, research institutes, industries and SMEs teamed up to drive innovation in Crisis Management for European resilience.



Participating in the DRIVER+ project features great opportunity to spread out your product to the European Crisis Management community. You will be in contact with a large group of actors who are working and researching in the domain. Information on your solution will be taken up in our digital Portfolio of Solutions. Thereby, your solution gains visibility to a wide audience not only within DRIVER+ but also to other interested parties in and beyond Europe.



1. Read the call for application.

2. Answer 10 questions about your solution carefully.

3. Read the additional information on the trial process.

4. Submit your application before 29th October 2018

5. Wait until January 2019 for the review results.


For more information please visit


Looking forward to receive your applications!

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