DRIVER+ CMINE Invitation & Call for Experts

By Anna Ellinge Madar

The DRIVER+ project ( consortium is pleased to hereby cordially invite you to join the CMINE - Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe. Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues, projects partners and others you think might be interested.


The CMINE is a Community of Practice in the field of Crisis Management, an umbrella network made to foster exchanges between diverse stakeholders who have a role to play in crisis management innovation in various domains such as wildfires, volunteer management and floods. The CMINE was officially launched at the Security Research Event (SRE) in Brussels 5-6 December, and we are now extending invitations and launching a Call for Experts to various professionals in the area of Crisis Management.


The CMINE platform is structured in various spotlight sections - Capability gapsInnovative solutions, Terminology, Trials and Demonstrations and Standardization. Furthermore, chaired themes with task groups have been setup to discuss how to tackle current and future challenges and to develop approaches aimed at resolving pressing issues of practitioners involved in crisis management. The task groups will currently focus on the following themes:


  1. Flooding
  2. Volunteer Management
  3. Wildfires


Are you a crisis management expert? Are you excited to explore innovative solutions to pressing challenges in the field of crisis management? Then join a CMINE task group! All themes are currently inviting new members, and we look forward to receiving YOUR application here. Further details about the themes and the activities of the task groups can be found in the material regarding this Call for Experts, the process for registration and information on how to join a the CMINE which are enclosed or can be accessed here.


General information about the CMINE is available to the public, see, but in order to access all the contents, take part in the dedicated discussions and keep up to date with the latest developments, events and activities it is required to become a registered member of the community. If you wish to receive a personal invitation with instructions on how to register for the CMINE, please send an email with the subject $B!H(BHello$B!I(B to


We are looking forward to meeting you in the CMINE!


Kind regards,

Anna on behalf of the CMINE Team


Anna Ellinge Madar

DRIVER+ External Cooperation Management



Tel: +972 (0)3 373 2008 

Mob: +972(0)52 660 4919

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