DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions

By Anna Ellinge Madar

The DRIVER+ PoS,, is a database-driven online catalogue aiming at showcasing and documenting innovative solutions of interest and relevance for Crisis Management (CM) in Europe. The primary goal of the PoS is to showcase and share information on available and emerging CM solutions in such a way that especially practitioners can easily use this information. It proposes a "marketplace" where practitioners can discover relevant solutions fitting their gaps, and that may be included in their Trials or be directly purchased. The ambition is to have the PoS sustained after the DRIVER+ project duration.

In order to add your solution to the DRIVER+ PoS, we kindly invite you to complete a short questionnaire of Strategic questions on the PoS, available on:

Soon after completion you will receive a user name and password for a dedicated account. Through this account complete information regarding your solution can then be provided. 

If you have any questions regarding the PoS or the submission process please do not hesitate to contact Angelika Kebhart ( and Drazen Ignjatovic (

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