Making visible urban food sharing practices

Many types of edible city solutions already exist in cities all around the world! However, as many urban food actions remain hidden, fragmented and marginalised, its important to make them visible to create solidarity, to learn from and share experiences with people who are actively creating change. SHARECITY, an ERC project based at Trinity College Dublin, has been accessing the practice and sustainability potential of food sharing of cities over the last few years. One of their many projects (and you can see links to their blog and research here) is designing and assembling SHARECITY 100, a database of urban food sharing initiatives in 100 cities around the world numbering more than 4000 entries! All activities are mapped with searchable online links. Even if your city is not listed (but 100 are), this is a great resource to show the sheer diversity of urban food sharing activities that are ALREADY HAPPENING being instigated by people from diverse backgrounds, interests and motivations.

Would you like to make visible other ECS related projects or practices? We realise that EdiCitNet has many people with incredible knowledge, expertise and networks. We encourage you all to share your experiences on CMT!

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