How to log in to the CMT ?: Revision


Hello and welcome to the CMT, up above a video tutorial and down below everything you should need to log into the CMT.


1 – go to :

2 – In the top right corner, click Log in :

  • You are already register, fill in the blanks and click Log in.


  • You lost your password, follow the link Lost password (underneath the Log in button)
    • enter your username or email address below and click the Request button.


  • follow the link that is send to you by email to reset your password.

  • You are not register, click Register.
    • Fill in the blanks (popup windows are here to help you).
    • Read the Terms of Service (and tick the box).

Click Register.


  • You will receive an email once the account is activated.
  • Log in as explained above.

  • Log in using LinkedIn
    • Click on the LinkedIn button.
    • Connect to you LinkedIn account and allow access.


  • Fill in (or delete) the information you would (not) like to share.
  • Read the Terms of Service (and tick the box).
  • Click Complete registration.

3 – Discover the CMT !


Hopefully this was useful to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the CMT – public group by using the widget Questions.


Jack the CoMeT