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          Ahmed Ali Abd Elrahman El Zeftawy
          13 Fostat st, Small Cleoptra, Sidi Gabr, Alexandria, Egypt
          Mobile: (+2)01093687367, (+2)01111235448Email:

          Mr/Ms ,
          The MAGNITUDE H2020 European project


          Dear MR/MS:
          This letter is to express my interest in the " public workshop organized by the MAGNITUDE consortium". As
          an Senior Electrical technical service Engineer/ Lead O&M Engineer at NEXTracker,Inc with outsourcing company called
          (Gensol Engineering Pvt. Ltd.) in Benban solar park , Aswan , Egypt, and a passionate active member in my society about
          solving current energy dilemma, the training course will definitely equip me to impact the future of energy in my country
          through the technical, economic and regulatory topics in energy and electricity fields. In the face of population growth
          and general increase in the rate of energy consumption, Egypt is suffering a rapid increase in energy depletions. That is
          why the development of renewable energy is becoming indispensability to allow for a more efficient and stable energy
          flow for the country. Since Egypt is one of the "sunbelt" countries as it enjoys 9-11 sunshine hours per day with an
          intensity of 2000 − 2600 KWh/m2 per year, it is one of the most attractive countries for solar energy development.
          I reviewed the past years course contents, and I believe that my experiences and education make me a strong applicant
          for the course. As shown by my resume, I work in NEXTracker,Inc as is led by successful solar veterans who have
          developed new solar tracking systems that increase the profitability of utility scale solar power. NEXTracker’s technology
          will help even more solar project owners surmount design and installation challenges, while driving down the cost of
          solar deployment and it is the leading company in the field of Solar EPC projects. Designers in such a reputable company
          provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy and automation. I also worked for TSK the Spanish turnkey
          EPC solution provider as an Electrical QA/QC Engineer, with responsibility of 2 x 50 MW AC projects started the project
          from scratch till the energization. Review and inspect all project Electrical activities related to construction, precommissioning
          and commissioning is my daily task to align between all department. On the other hand, I perform
          reporting on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Support the selection of design material and participate with design team
          to achieve the energy efficiency by performing preliminary yield assessment by technical design application.
          I believe that the course will help me much to boost my career life, as the attending a training with your training
          contents in Egypt is IMPOSSIBLE, and I believe that attending the public workshop organized by the MAGNITUDE will help me much in my career life. I am sure that I will acquire a vast experience
          besides the networking.
          I am enthusiastic to learn, willing to meet challenges, hardworker, sincere, trustworthy and adaptable. I pay attention to
          details, like working in teams, and find it very rewarding to help other people. I am looking forward to joining the “to
          gain an outstanding experience which will definitely help impacting my society and country.
          I believe that attending this training will boost my career. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

          Ahmed Ali
                                                                      Enclosed: resume


          - Ahmed Ali Abdalrahman El zeftawy