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    • Iasio Christian

      Iasio Christian

      R&D on disaster management: from risk assessment and hazard monitoring, to first response and long term recovery
      • Vladimir


        He is assistant professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies at subject - Disaster Risk Management. From 2011 to 2016 year he was teaching assistant in subject “Security in emergency situations”, “Prevention and suppression of fires, explosions and accidents”, “Crisis management“ Belgrade, at the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies. He has published over 160 research papers and 11 scientific monographs. He got the Danubius Young Scientist Award 2017 for Serbia.



        • CJ Illing

          Assessment of innovation opportunities for the first DAREnet RDI roadmap in the group DAREnet Community1

          ...le for discussion on the following pages.   In detail we are covering the 6 RDI topic groups during this first cycle. Civil Protection training Civil Protection methods, procedures and techn...

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          • Romuald Beauvais

            SAYSO survey of Practitioners' requirements in the group SA-IN-EU

            The questionnaire to Civil Protection practitioners is now available here: ht...support cross-border and multi stakeholder, civil protection operations. The results o...sed anonymously by SAYSO, a not for profit, Civil Protection practitioner led EU funded pr...

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            • Andreas Herndler

              Andreas Herndler

              On the one hand Deputy Fire Chief and Teamleader for international interventions as well as Head of Operational Headquarter of the Fire Services Association of Lower Austria, and on the other hand Head of Austrian Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell of Civil Aviation Authority of Austria.