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    • Andreas Herndler

      Andreas Herndler

      On the one hand Deputy Fire Chief and Teamleader for international interventions as well as Head of Operational Headquarter of the Fire Services Association of Lower Austria, and on the other hand Head of Austrian Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell of Civil Aviation Authority of Austria.
      • Romuald Beauvais

        SAYSO survey of Practitioners' requirements in the group SA-IN-EU

        The questionnaire to Civil Protection practitioners is now available here: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/SAYSO_Survey_SituationalAwareness_May2018 This online survey aims to collect a comprehensive list of key requirements and features that future Situational Awareness systems and tools...

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        • Iasio Christian

          Iasio Christian

          R&D on disaster management: from risk assessment and hazard monitoring, to first response and long term recovery
          • Carlos Julio Trindade

            Carlos Julio Trindade

            Wildfire expert. Civil Protection Coordenator