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    • Pauline Grelier

      FLEXTURBINE M30 WP3 Workshop

      Dear FLEXTURBINE WP3 Members, On behalf of FLEXTURBINE WP3 Leader MAN Diesel&Turbo, please be warmly invited to the FLEXTURBINE WP3 Seals and Bearings worksh...esults of the WP3 partners’ work in FLEXTURBINE and how to disseminate and ex...
      Tags: FLEXTURBINE, WP3, workshop, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Seals, Bearings
      • Pauline Grelier

        Panel Discussion at FLEXTURBINE M33 Meeting

        In the last weeks, the Coordinator DSPW and ARTTIC have discussed the possibility to “extend” the FLEXTURBINE Conference in Prague in September this year by a panel discussi...
        Tags: Panel Discussion, FLEXTURBINE, Turbomachine, Prague, Flexible Fossil Power Plant, ASI, CTU, Policy makers and MEPs-MPs at European and Member State level, DSWP, ARTTIC
        • Balazs Kern

          FLEXTURBINE #4 / M30 EB Meeting

          Dear FLEXTURBINE EB Members, Please be warmly invited to the #4 FLEXTURBINE EB Meeting. The meeting is kindly hosted by the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery (ITS) at the Karlsruhe Institute of T...
          Tags: FLEXTURBINE, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, EB Meeting
          • Balazs Kern

            Flexible Thermal Power Plants as Back-bone of the Energy Transition

            The European Commission funded and manufacturer-led research projects FLEXTURBINE and TURBO-REFLEX will present their results primarily to the public in Prague. In an Open Discussion Fo...