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    Situational Awareness Innovation Network EUrope - A Network & Community initiative by the SAYSO project
    • Lyudmila Zaitseva

      BRIDGE Project Promotion Video

      BRIDGE is a collaborative project co-funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme. BRIDGE will build a system to support interoperability -- both technical and social -- in large-scale emergency management. The system will serve as a bridge between multiple First Responder organisations in Europe...

      Tags: BRIDGE project, Interoperability, Situational awareness, Mobile ad-hoc networks, UAVs, Expert System, Decisions support systems

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      • Myriam Ben Ammar

        3rd Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) event, 3rd -4th September 2018, Warsaw (Poland) in the group DRIVER+ public event group

        3RD INNOVATION FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT (I4CM) EVENT     WHO, WHEN and WHERE? Organised by the DRIVER+ project and co-hosted by ITTI SP ZOO, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and The Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE), the third edition of the DRIVER+ Innovati...

        Tags: Crisis Management, Innovation, DRIVER+, trials, Events, Standardisation, Challenges, Interoperability, Communication, Cooperation, Solutions, marketplace

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        • Rob Testelmans

          EFRIM (European First Responders Innovation Managers) - 7th Meeting in the group DAREnet public group

          EFRIM is a European initiative to articulate the needs of the first responders in Europe, share knowledge amongst first responders, initiate (European) innovation projects and voice the needs of the Police, Fire Service and Paramedics to the (European) government. EFRIM is run by first responders...

          Tags: interoperability, multi-agency

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