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      SAYSO survey of Practitioners' requirements

      ...opa.eu/eusurvey/runner/SAYSO_Survey_SituationalAwareness_May2018 This online survey aim...quirements and features that future Situational Awareness systems and tools should include to eff...pecifications for innovative future Situational Awareness systems matching the needs of emergen...
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        What are Multi-Stakeholders Situational Awareness Systems (MSSAS) ?

        ...d out what Multi-Stakeholders Situational Awareness Systems (MSSAS) are with Prof....What are Multi-Stakeholders Situational Awareness Systems? MSSAS are Situational Awarene...the development of innovative Situational Awareness Systems that will improve the coordinat...
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          Identified key areas for development - SAYSO second survey (2018)

          ...oners and emergency responders from 16 countries were asked to identify the key areas that need to be developed and integrated in Situational Awareness tools and systems. These key functionalities a...