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    • Dominique wasquel

      VICTORIA Video Trailer

      H2020 VICTORIA Project develops a set of advanced video analytics modules chosen for the specific needs of legal investigations to be integrated in one platform, the VICTORIA VAP. More info on the projec...
      • Dominique wasquel

        Manzalab, now VICTORIA Partner

        On 30 April 2018, Manzalab Group has officially joined the VICTORIA Consortium! Partner Manzalab will provid...pical scenarios that have been designed and recorded in the context of VICTORIA  
        Tags: VICTORIA, Manzalab, H2020 Project, EU Project, EU Security, video analysis, synthetic animations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Investigation, Terrorism, criminal actis, LEAs, prevention, Civil protection
        • Dominique wasquel

          VICTORIA Updated Press Release

          The press release initially provided at project launch has been updated after Manzalab officially joined the consortium. Please view the document on the following link: https://cmt.eurtd.com/file/view/123254/updated-victoria-press-release
          • Dominique wasquel

            VICTORIA General Presentation

            Please find here after the link to VICTORIA General Presentation which will give you at a first glance an overview of the project: its objectives and expected results. https://cmt.eurtd.com/file/view/123379/victoria-general-presentation
            Tags: VICTORIA, H2020, Law Enforcement Agencies, LEAs, prevention, citizens protection, EU Project, EU Security, Video Analysis, investigation, Terrorism, criminal acts