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    • Justine CURTIT

      Comment on "Project Factsheet uploaded!"

      The updated version of the SUN-to-LIQUID Project Factsheet is now available! First progresses made over 2016 are highlighted! https://cmt.eurtd.com/file/view/25384/sun-to-liquid-project-factsheet-updated-after-first-reporting-period-2016




      • Thibault Duvillier

        FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the group CMT - public

        1- What is CMT? The CMT (Community Management Tool) is an o...members) and community content. The CMT manages different kind of con...es. If you want to know more about CMT, please consult the guideline...his group user profile page and the CMT admin for the CMT home page....

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        • Jack The CoMeT

          How to invite someone and accept an invitation in the group CMT - public

          Hello and welcome to the CMT, You will find hereafter everythin...; click Invite. Find CMT users by entering their name...(even if they are not member of the CMT yet) > click Invite. Wa..., feel free to ask them in the CMT – public group by using...

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          • rodlist

            Integration/API in the group CMT - public1

            ...present I am using a lot of collaborative and sharing tools such as the CMT, SharePoint, Slack and Conflu...w me to connect different apps together? It would increase my use of the CMT and also make general workflo...


            • rodlist

              Is there a bug with text entry? in the group CMT - public

              In general the CMT is fast (such is the case now for example). However, twice today when replying to a post/question and entering a message with many paragraphs and lines, te...




              • Thibault Duvillier

                Upgrade of the CMT in the group CMT - public

                Dear CMT users,   The CMT has evolved to better answer your c...ailable for you : Upgrade of the CMT look & feel One of the...ication of the look and feel of the CMT with a lesser focus put on th...(public, private or only visible to CMT logged in users) On the othe...

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                • Thibault Duvillier

                  New release of the CMT by May 29th, 2017 in the group CMT - public

                  The CMT will be upgraded to release 1.3 on May 29th 2017. Please note the CMT will be down during the whole day....






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                  SymCubator is an open non-profit incubator for Innovation, Collaboration, Education and Solidarity (ICES)