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    • Vladimir


      He is assistant professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies at subject - Disaster Risk Management. From 2011 to 2016 year he was teaching assistant in subject “Security in emergency situations”, “Prevention and suppression of fires, explosions and accidents”, “Crisis management“ Belgrade, at the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies. He has published over 160 research papers and 11 scientific monographs. He got the Danubius Young Scientist Award 2017 for Serbia.



      • Thibault Duvillier

        FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the group CMT - public

        ...published on the corresponding user or group profile page and it can also be highl...) set by its author. Public content or public profiles may be referenced by interne...file page, the group owner for his group user profile page and the CMT admin for th...

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        • Jack The CoMeT

          How to invite someone and accept an invitation in the group CMT - public

          Hello and welcome to the CMT, You will find hereafter everything you should know to invite someone and manage the invitation process at group level. 1 – Invite...

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          • Thibault Duvillier

            Upgrade of the CMT in the group CMT - public

            ...feel of the CMT with a lesser focus put on the CMT itself and more on the community identities. Modification of the profile and Creation of a personnel dashboard. The profile is now dedicated to the prese...

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            • Remi Beteille

              SAYSO Public Workshop - Thursday 21st March 2018 - Registration now open in the group SA-IN-EU

              The first SAYSO workshop will take place on Wednesday 21st March 2018. This one-day event will take place at the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) in Ber...

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              • Jack The CoMeT

                How to manage / edit your profile in the group CMT - public

                Hello and welcome to the CMT, down below is everything you should need to edit and manage your profile.   (0 - You have to be connected to the CMT) 1 – In the top right corner click Account > Profile. 2 – On the left side click Edit Avatar. Browse > select the pi...

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